Thousands of nurses use payday loans as Tory cuts strike deep


Three thousand nurses applied for payday loans in a six month period in attempts to make ends meet due to Tory attacks on nurse’s salaries since 2010.

The Daily Mirror obtained information which suggested that up to 17 nurses a day were relying on high interest loans in order to survive as the average nurse’s salary fell over £3,000 below what it should have been if it had been tied with inflation.

The Royal College of Nursing are surveying their members on whether or not to take formal strike action over the continued cap of 1% to nurse’s pay rise, meaning that in real terms, nurse’s salaries will fall even further behind expected levels.

RCN boss Janet Davies said: “Nurses are rightly held in high regard but kind words don’t pay the bills.

|The Government is refusing to keep nursing wages in line with inflation. Too many are struggling and turning to hardship grants and even foodbanks.

“If they want a formal ballot on a strike, it will be carried out without delay.

“Nurses should not have to fund the NHS deficit from their pay packets.”

What do you think of strike action?  Would you strike if you knew members of other unions would be there to take care of your patients?

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