If you tolerate Hunt, then your nurses will be next

Jeremy Hunt is killing the NHS

Jeremy Hunt has, this week, shown his utter contempt for those on the front line of medicine within the NHS, and if he is allowed to continue, then nursing staff will be next on his agenda.

Over 50,000 Junior Doctors joined together to oppose Hunt’s plans for their future contracts, in which he has decided that working a Saturday is no different to working on any other day of the week.  Hunt has removed unsociable hours pay for junior medics on Saturday despite opposition and repeated attempts at negotiation, and he has his sights set on doing the same to nurses.

Under Agenda for Change, nursing staff are paid a 30% enhancement on top of their normal hourly rate to work on a Saturday, but with a similar enhancement for junior doctors wiped out in one swoop, there is nothing to stop Hunt from removing that “benefit” from nurses.

The junior doctor strike saw over 3,000 routine operations cancelled last week, and yet Hunt saw fit to run roughshod over medics and impose his new contract regardless.  New doctors qualifying this summer will be on the contract, as will those starting new posts (moving from F1 to F2 – the old House Officer to Senior House Officer progression route) and it is estimated that almost 80% of doctors will be on this new deal within a year.

Public support has been incredible for junior doctors, but Hunt has carried on regardless.

He must be stopped.

Nursing unions need to stand tall, and nurses need to back the actions put forward should our contracts come under attack – because it won’t just be our Saturday enhancements that Hunt wants to steal from us.

There have already been utterances in the media that ALL unsociable hours pay should be withdrawn from NHS nurses, and the student nurse bursary is already under attack.  We must be ready for him when he comes waging war on our way of living.

More strike action would send public opinion of the oft-mispronounced Secretary of State even further into the basement, and if our unions – and our opposition MPs – continue to push against him, then there is every chance nurses can avoid the same fate as our medical colleagues.

Jeremy Hunt has already written a thesis on how he sees the privatisation of the NHS moving forward, his plans are clear.

But they must be stopped, and we must be prepared to take action when necessary.



  1. Hmm…so if he got rid of our enhancements would we be in line for a big fat juice pay rise instead of a measly 1%…which is useless as we are now having to pay for our own dbs checks & parking at our work place! I think not!!

  2. Take a hike Mr Hunt … I will be gone!!!…. I will leave the profession I know in my heart I have given a 100% I will have the memories of what I gave and was proud!!!… No jumped up Hunt will take that from me… And when in the future I will look back and remember the difference I made to the lives of those that needed their NHS….. You never will!!!….you will live with memory of what you destroyed!!!!….

  3. These Tories are working there way to getting rid of our NHS,they’ve never liked it,but with their income,expenses and friends in high places,they don’t need it either

  4. We are worse of than ever. Pay for parking crb and nmc no real pay rises. I would like to see Mr Hunt accept these terrms. We dont want the world just fair pay and conditions.

  5. The tactics used to privatise demoralise and destroy the NHS are disgraceful. Did the public vote for the destruction and privatisation I don’t think so! Do we want this? NO. Do we need the government and the public to hear about this and stand by the NHS yes we do! It’s more than the money in our payslips it’s the destruction bit by bit of a service that has taken decades to build! When you go to America and see people in the street with massive melenomas and crippling disease with no surgery no community support no care this is where we are heading rant over!

  6. This man is despicable, he has no time for the NHS and clearly has no understanding of the need out there.
    Being proud of giving 100% like most NHS staff for over 40 years !i feel totally let down. I really hope our unions will stand against this unpleasant self serving creature and his government .
    N.H..S. Safe in their hands Inthink not . Wake up Britain ‼️

  7. I work for a private company that is funded through CCG and they don’t use agenda for change so only statutory pay and no increments . This is common the other company that has all the community services is moving to one year contracts , performance related pay etc etc . It’s coming I’m afraid and a lot of what they do ie no sick pay has been within GP practice jobs for years , certainly keeps sickness down !

  8. I have been nursing for 46 years, so yes I had a final salary 40 year pension and my state pension when I semi-retired, but I carry a damaged back, bilateral major shoulder repairs and Osteo-arthritis in my hands thanks to manually handling patients all my nursing life.

    Nursing is a much safer place to work physically now and nurses and junior doctors should still feel lucky to work in this financially protected industry of getting a pension for life on retirement! Out there in the public sector and the financial uncertainty of the stock market, people like my partner who has worked for 38 years full time has seen his massive pension contributions lead to a pension pot that has more than halved over the last 7 years. If he retired now, he would have a pension of £8,000 a year and he would have to wait for 12 years to obtain his state pension!

    So please stop this bellyaching and threatening to leave the NHS over unsocial hours, you will regret big time coming out of the protected pension scheme of the NHS!

    We need not to forget about the reasons for entering these professions, we have the satisfaction and privilege of looking after patients that need us!

    • This is comparing chalk and cheese and is unfair to both. As a nurse approaching retirement I am grateful that I can go before 67yrs but my sympathies are with the nurses coming into the profession now,their pensions even now are not as good as yours and I can guarantee by the time they retire in their late sixties and early seventies that pension will not be nearly as good as yours. They have every right to bellyache as you put it the NHS they work for is not the same one that you retired from !!

  9. This week I’m on day shifts & I will have to pay £26 for parking (on the roads around the hospital) as well as the £25 a month I pay from my wages for a pass to park on site when on nights. I have had to buy my own uniform as the one supplied by the hospital is poor quality and is coming apart at the seams & the zip is unreliable (the process for acquiring a replacement is complicated and long-winded, and since I have already had a new one a year ago my manager does not want to sign the necessary form). After over 20 years experience and despite being qualified in a speciality which is chronically short of nurses, I am at the top of my payscale with no prospect of moving up or developing my career further unless I move away from clinical nursing (I do not want to be a manager, I want to nurse).

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