40,000 nursing vacancies unfilled in the UK

nursing shortage

The Royal College of Nursing says that there are upwards of 40,000 nursing vacancies that need filling within the NHS at the moment.

The study shows that the number of unfilled roles – not necessarily advertised as vacancies, however – is more than double that of 2013.

Unions are blaming the current pay cap on nurses, while the government continues it’s ridiculous claims that it is spending more money than ever on the NHS, despite the rise in spending failing to keep up with inflation.

The RCN accepts the government’s claims that more nurses are now working on the wards than in 2010, but the union’s figures are instead based on the number of nurses that should be employed, but NHS Trusts either can’t afford to, or just don’t.

Feedback from senior nurses to the RCN state that the NHS can only keep running due to the “goodwill” of nurses already in post.

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